Celebrating Deepak’s birthday at Prativa Ashram

November 4, 2018 0 By hopesandsmiles
Celebrating Deepak’s birthday at Prativa Ashram

Supported by- Mr Bipra C. Rath & Mrs. Venkateswari Dash

Another birthday at Prativa Ashram and off we get to work. Our team reached the venue at around 5 P.M. to find the children playing cricket. Not intending to stop their play, we joined them and continued playing well till it was dark. Everyone quickly freshened up and we were ready for the cake cutting. Deepak looked as studious as he actually was. Came first in the class as told by his friends. And he was as excited for the celebration as we all were. 

After the cake cutting was done, we went indoors where we danced our hearts out. And what better than some odia item numbers? After we were done, we settled down and interacted with the kids on different topics. We even had Deepak’s friends speak about him on his special day. After we were done, the children wanted us to see a dance performance that they had practised. 

Meanwhile a family had also come there to distribute evening snacks among the children and they even offered us food. We decided to see the dance performance and then enjoy the snacks together. The performance lasted for 5 mins and we were moved by it. We could only imagine the amount of effort they had put into the act. We then enjoyed snacks together and gossiped around for a while before bidding them goodbye for the day.