Gift a Birthday

Gift a Birthday


Like the great man once said, ‘Be the change you want to see’. That is the inspiration behind ‘Gift a Birthday’ initiative from Hopes and Smiles. As children, most of us would look forward to our birthday; the cakes, the chocolates, the sweets and the pampering. Some of us would still have vivid happy memories of at least one of our birthday celebrations, the nostalgic feeling of love and warmth would make us want to be children again. Well, once a year, you can help make a child who doesn’t know what a birthday is, feel that feeling of love and warmth which we cherish so much still. You can be a part of the child’s life and celebrate his or her birthday. What joy would that bring not just to the child, but to you. Feel that love and warmth again, bless a child with your support and feel blessed to have made an impact. Give them something to look forward to. Gift a Birthday.

How will the initiative work?

Hopes and Smiles is partnering with organizations for underprivileged children to engage student volunteers with children who need support. We keep track of the children’s birthdays and form teams of student volunteers who organize a cake cutting ceremony, dancing and singing events, and chocolate distribution at their institution. A few hours of engagement brings a lot of happiness to our volunteers and the children there. But most importantly, it gives a deep sense of happiness and confidence to the child that he or she is valued, has friends and has not been forgotten. We strive to instil and propagate this sense of community and belongingness across the world. Right now we are starting with Bhubaneswar.

How you could help?

  • Any help we get goes a long way in helping a child grow better. As a donor or volunteer, you could pledge to support or Gift a Birthday to a child once a year or once a month, or as you would want to. You could donate the cake, treats and toffees, and some time from your busy schedule.
  • Any financial help you may consider offering will have to go directly to the organization and we will assist in putting you in touch with the warden to take it up. This one day of the year may be the only day of the year these children will look forward to. Lets give them something to look forward to.
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