Mission and Vision

Our Story

Hopes and Smiles was born as an attempt to place on the map, numerous organizations which have been lost in the hustle and bustle of the city. We collaborate with the organizations and help potential donors find them. 

Our Mission

Giving is one of the most noble things a person could do. The gain may not always be measurable, but it does provide the giver a deep sense of satisfaction. Most of us are aware of the many sections of society which are deprived of basic amenities and opportunities. We may not be able to bridge all those gaps but that should never stop us from trying. This philosophy is the driving force behind Hopes and Smiles.

The first initiative we have taken is to use technology to bring closer the most deprived section of the society, orphan children, to donors, big or small, who would want to contribute in their own way. These contributions could be in the form of financial assistances, education, books, clothes, time spent at orphanages and myriad of other ways. We feel that people, despite their hectic life and work pressure, still have it in them to help others in need. Most people just do not know how to do it, despite their best intentions. Hopes and Smiles is an initiative that looks to tackle just that.

Hopes and Smiles is looking forward to collaborate with individuals, institutes, colleges, corporates and volunteering groups, and bring them along with various orphanages on the same electronic platform where they can interact directly and help children in need, so that we can create a positive change on a bigger scale. Not only do we encourage people to donate, but also, we actively engage in organising work-shops (Singing, Dancing, Painting etc) at these orphanages with participating volunteers.

Our Vision

  • To bring more donors, volunteers and orphanages to the Hopes and Smiles platform to connect them seamlessly and impact as many lives as we can.
  • To collaborate with more student bodies in colleges so as to inculcate a feeling of giving at an early age.
  • To partner in initiatives such as Leaders of Change’ by JAG Educate wherein under-privileged students are trained free of cost for higher studies and these students volunteer to teach and mentor many other orphans and under-privileged children. 
  • To use technology and digital medium to reach out to more people in other cities and even grow pan India so as to spread the spirit of giving everywhere.